1-Gyros                                                                   Sandwich  $5.50    Combo  $8.00

Layers of selected lamb and beef seasoned with zesty spices broiled on a vertical skewer, sliced and topped with our special tzatziki sauce.





2-Chicken Gyros                                                      Sandwich  $6.40   Combo   $8.90

Sliced seared layers of chicken  broiled and seasoned with zesty spices topped with garlic sauce.





3-Chicken Kebab                                                     Sandwich  $6.40   Combo   $8.90

Grilled, tender chicken breast marinated in lemon juice served with your choice of sauces: garlic or tzatziki with feta cheese.





4-Chicken Shawarma                                               Sandwich  $6.40   Combo   $8.90

Grilled chicken leg meat marinated in our special seasonings topped with garlic sauce.





5-Beef Steak Kebab                                                Sandwich  $6.40   Combo   $8.90

A tender kebab with pieces of tri-tip sirloin marinated and broiled then topped with garlic sauce.





6-Steak Shawarma                                                  Sandwich  $6.40   Combo   $8.90

Broiled on a skewer sliced steak marinated in our special seasonings  with garlic sauce.





7-Philly Cheesesteak                                               Sandwich  $6.40   Combo   $8.90

Sliced steak with pepperoni cheese, onions, red and green peppers layered  on the pita bread.





8-Kefta Kebab                                                        Sandwich  $6.40   Combo   $8.90

Kefta kebab of lean seasoned ground beef with garlic sauce.





9-Souvlaki (pork Loin)                                             Sandwich  $6.40   Combo   $8.90

Sliced and marinated pork loin layered on pita bread with our special garlic sauce.






10-Italian Beef                                                       Sandwich  $6.50   Combo   $9.00

Roasted beef served with Italian bread, au jus sauce, and jardineros.





11-Vegetarian Falafel                                              Sandwich  $5.50    Combo  $8.00

Blend of ground garbanzo beans, vegetables and spices fried and  served with tahini sauce.






12-Fish & Chips                                                                                     Combo   $8.90

Tavern breaded fish, lemon wedges, fries, and tartar sauce.



13-Gyros Plate                                                                                 $9.25

Broiled layers of select beef and lamb seasoned with zesty spices served with pita bread, greek salad, tzatziki sauce and your choice of rice or fries.





14-Souvlaki (Pork Or Chicken)                                                         $9.90

Your choice of marinated chicken or pork loin with grilled red and green peppers and onions served with rice, pita bread, greek salad, and our own garlic sauce.





15-Falafel Plate (vegetarian)                                                           $9.25

Blend of garbanzo beans, spices, and vegetables deep fried served with pita bread, greek salad, and tahina sauce.






16-Steak Kebab Plate                                                                      $9.90

Broiled kebab of tender pieces of tri-tip sirlion marinated in our special sauce served with pita bread, greek salad, and garli sauce.





17-Steak Shawarma Plate                                                                $9.90

Broiled and thinly sliced marinated beef served with pita bread, greek salad, and garlic sauce.






18-Kefta Kebab Plate                                                                       $9.90

Two kefta kebab of lean seasoned ground beef served wih pita bread, greek salad, and garlic sauce.






19-Chicken Kebab Plate                                                                    $9.90

Grilled tender chicken breast  marinated in lemon juice served  with greek salad, pita bread, and  our garlic sauce.






20-Chicken Shawarma Plate                                                             $10.00

Grilled chicken leg meat marinated in our special sauce served with greek salad, pita bread, and garlic sauce.





21-Hummus Plate

Your choice of chicken kebab, steak shawarma, chicken shawarma, steak kebab, falafel gyros over hummus with two good bread.

With Gyros                  $9.00

With Falafel                $8.75

With Kebabs                $9.25

With Shawarma           $9.25





22-Two Items Combo Plate                                                              $12.00

Your selection of any two kebabs from above served with pita bread, greek salad, and our garlic sauce.






23-Three Items Combo Plate                                                           $13.00

Your choice of any 3 kebabs from above served with pita bread, greek salad, and our garlic sauce.


All the appetizers are Vegetarian


Hummus                               $4.20

Blended chickpeas, tahini, olive oil fresh garlic and lemon juice. served as a dip with 2 pita breads.



Dolmas                                 $4.20

Combination of rice, parsley, onions, dill, garlic, olive oil and a twist of lemon juice stuffed invine leaves 6 pieces.



Baba Ghanouj                       $4.20

Roasted eggplant, tahini, olive oil, garlic and lemon juice. served as   a dip. with 2 pita breads.



Appetizer Combo                  $8.00

Hummus, baba ghanouj, dolmas, falafel with 2 pita bread.



Spanakopita                          $2.75

Phyllo dough stuffed with spinach & feta cheese flash fried 2 pieces.



Greek Salad

Blends of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, red and green pepper, Cucumber, Feta Cheese, Kalamata Olives (not Pitted) Tossed With Our Special House Dressing.


Salad $4.00


Salad $9.25


Salad $9.75


Salad $9.25

Chicken Gyros

Salad $9.25


Salad $9.75

(steak or chicken)

Side Orders


French Fries                                 $2.25

Greek Fries                                   $3.50

Onion Rings                                   $2.75

Falafel (4pcs)                                $2.25

Rice(Basmati)                                $2.25

Tzatziki/Garlic Sauce 2 oz            $0.25

Feta Cheese 2 oz                          $0.50

Greek Hot Sauce 2 oz                   $0.25

Mango Sauce 2 oz                         $0.25

Hummus/Baba Ghanouj 2 oz          $1.00




Bag of Pitas (6 whole pitas)                $3.00

Feta Cheese (1 pint container)            $9.00

Hummus (1 pint container)                  $7.00

Tzatziki/Garlic (1 pint)                       $7.00

Tahini Sauce (1 pint)                           $7.00

Baklava (30 servings)                          $40.00

Gyros Meat (1 lb)                                $10.00



Large Soda                      $1.20

Medium Soda                   $1.00

Perrier Water                  $1.25

Bottle Water                    $1.25


Baklava                  $2.00

Cheese Cake          $2.00


Mon.-Fri.  10:00am - 9:00pm

Sat   10:00am - 8:00pm

Sunday  10:00am - 7:00pm


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